The company

Bild Unternehmen Founded in 1999, emerged from the since 1992 existing company - Services for software engineering Gerhard Kaufmann Dipl.-Ing. (FH) - the company softas considers itself as a young, dynamic and competent service providers in the field of software engineering and process automation.

Consulting, planning, design, development, deployment, training and maintenance of technical, mostly database-driven and customer-specific testing, programming and coding software for assembly, finishing and after sales - mainly in the automotive industry - are our specialties.

The satisfaction of customers, the protection of its investment, optimize and reliable design of its manufacturing processes and the timely care of his plants, is the basis for the long-term business success of softas Inc.

The mission statement that emphasizes the good relations with customers, partners, employees and the environment, is sought not to the short-term revenue maximization, but the long-term customer loyalty.

Who we are ...